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What is the difference between briquettes and turf?
Briquettes are made from milled peat (a natural fuel) which has been mechanically dried and pressed under high pressure in a factory to form the briquette shape. 

Turf is peat which has been extracted from the peat bog by machine and cut into a rectangular shape.  It is then air-dried naturally during the summer.   


How many bricks are in a bale of briquettes?
There are 20 - 24 individual bricks in a bale of briquettes


What is the weight of a bale of briquettes?
A bale of briquettes weighs 12.5kg (28 lbs)


How many pieces of turf in a basket?
There are approximately 16-20 pieces of turf in a basket


What is the weight of a basket of turf?
Approximately 15 lbs


How long will briquettes or turf burn for?
A typical fuel charge of 3 to 4 kgs (6 lbs to 9 lbs.) or approximately 6 to 8 briquettes will burn for about 3 hours


What does the price include?
Prices include packaging and delivery


Where can turf / briquettes be delivered to?
Delivery is to an address within any of the 48 contiguous states.


How long does delivery take?
Delivery normally takes 5 - 14 working days from receipt of order


How are turf / briquettes shipped?
Turf and Briquettes are shipped via UPS


How are turf / briquettes burned?
They may be burned in a closed appliance (stove) or in an open fire. Lighting and burning are similar to wood log fires. To light use firelighters and/or kindling.


Can wood be burned with turf or briquettes?
Yes. Both fuels are similar in performance – there is somewhat more heat from the same weight of peat relative to wood, although peat does not burn as rapidly as wood , consequently the fire lasts longer.

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